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Happy Christmas 2022

The lights are lit on the village green and throughout Denham preparations are being made for the Christmas festivities. This is our chance to wish a very Happy Christmas to all our visitors to this site, from Denham and all over the UK, from the United States and elsewhere in the world.

As 2022 comes to its close, we give our thanks to all who have supported us through the year, to Denham Parish Council which has helped fund our efforts, and a special thanks to our guest contributors who have been adding their own personal stories since August. We'll be hoping to add many more guest contributor stories to keep the site active in 2023.

Coming too, early in 2023, will be three Denham Community History Project guides to walks around the village. Watch out for a 'taster' in January, together with more about our plans for next year.

Iris' Christmas Story

In December 2019, for the project's first Christmas, we told of a memory given to us by Iris Harvey, nee Horney. It's worth repeating as a story of Christmas community in difficult times.

My favourite memory of helping my father deliver fruit and vegetables around the village was one Christmas Day just after the war. At that time, no one could get oranges but on that particular Christmas morning my father managed to get lots of oranges and bananas. I went with him to deliver one orange and one banana to every house on the Oxford Road and in the Village. The bells were ringing and it was snowing as we visited each home with our horse and cart piled high with the fruit. Everyone was so pleased to see us and I went home with a pocketful of coins from grateful villagers. This incident has really stuck in my mind all these years.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year

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