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The Denham Walks

We've been busy preparing three short leaflets as Walking Guides to Denham Village's history. One will be a circuit starting at St. Mary's Church along Village Road, up Cheapside, along Ashmead Lane and down Old Mill Road and Village Road back to the village centre.

The second is a short history of the village pubs - including those that once satisfied the thirst and hunger of the village labourers but are nothing more now than legends of the village's past.

As a taster of things to come, here for just a few weeks is the third Denham Village Walk, the walk around St. Mary's Churchyard recalling past residents, famed and not so famed, whose names are recorded there in stone. Just click here to open the leaflet in a new page or click on the cover photo alongside to listen to the audio version.

(But don't try the QR code on the leaflet version just yet. It won't work until the Guides are published)

All three Guides are for publication in March/April this year and they will have QR codes to download audio versions. They will be available to locals and to visitors through outlets to be arranged, initially at the modest price of £3 each or £6 for three.

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